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The Robert Mondavi Institute consists of state-of-the-art buildings and a LEED Platinum certified winery, brewery and food and milk processing laboratory. The Good Life Garden, a one-acre, edible plot featuring organic and sustainably-grown vegetables, herbs and flowers, is surrounded by the complex. Aggie Ambassador-led tours last approximately 45 minutes.
This tour will showcase some of our livestock facilities located both on and off campus. Please note this is a driving tour and due to bio-security guests may not be allowed to enter certain facilities. This tour typically lasts about one hour. A walking tour of only the livestock facilities located on the campus (horse barn and dairy) can be arranged as well – please note this request in the comments section.
The student farm serves the UC Davis students and faculty, farmers, gardeners, school children and many others. The market garden occupies seven acres of land used for year-round crop production, various independent student projects, and field activities for selected courses. A wide range of opportunities for students are available to learn about and explore the many aspects of sustainable agriculture, including internships, formal courses and research projects.
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