Field Day Contest Information

UC Davis Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Field Day Contests

The Tool Identification list can be accessed online at California Agricultural Education Website. Each Contestant (not shared) must have the following equipment: steel tape, #2 pencil, combination square, safety glasses, calculator, clipboard. Each student should be dressed appropriately for this contest which includes close-toed (non-dress) shoes and pants. See Codes for full dress details.

As a reminder, please review the below statement from the CATA Curricular Code regarding safety in this contest:

“The sponsoring school has the option to include safe work habits as part of the scorecard.  Contestants will be informed at contest lineup that 25 points will be deducted for violations such as, but not limited to, not wearing safety glasses, circular saw misuse, not wearing proper gloves while welding, etc.  After this point deduction on the scoresheet, the sponsoring school reserves the right to remove any contestant that violates accepted safety practices that endanger him/herself or others in the contest from that particular skill area.  The student may continue with the remainder of the contest but will receive no credit/points for the area where the infractions occurred. After a warning, the sponsoring school reserves the right to remove any contestant that violates accepted safety practices that endanger him/herself or others in the contest.”

No updates for 2019 

All materials a due by February 8 via the online submission page

This contest will be held in the Student Community Center on the second floor in the Multipurpose Room.  The room will be available for set up from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on Saturday.  Boards will be available for viewing after completion of judging and can be removed immediately following the awards ceremony.  

No Updates for 2019

Students competing in Creed will be placed into the first testing group for BIG. Once they have completed their test, they may leave and go to the Creed contest. Tests will be taken through an online testing program in computer labs. Awards for Creed and BIG will be combined.

Because there are three rotations for this contest, one computer will be needed for every three students.  Teams of four will need two computers.

See Best Informed Greenhand

Contestants should bring their own pencils, clipboards, and paper for writing reasons. Please wear closed toed work shoes or boots appropriate for walking around the dairy. Please do not wear open-toed/ dress shoes. There will be a 20-minute break between the last rotation and reasons – please bring your own snacks/lunch to eat while you prepare. Lunch will be provided for registered contestants.

No updates for 2019

Only team members will be allowed to participate in the Tractor Driving portion of the competition. Alternates will be allowed to participate after the conclusion of the contest. Judges reserve the right to remove any student without an appropriate skill level. Contestants are reminded to bring a clipboard and their safety waivers to the day of the contest.

No update for 2019

Contestants must provide their own tools (floral shears/knife, wire) for the corsage construction and floral arrangement sections.  Contestants may bring their own ribbon and floral tape, however, items such as bows made in advance are NOT allowed and may result in disqualification. The contest format will follow the same format as State Finals with the ID tests determining the qualifying teams who will move on to arrangements/corsages. The students who are not eligible to move on to the finals (bottom 30 teams), will be provided materials to participate in a corsage building workshop led by a florist.

This contest will not include the Math problem. Contestants with allergies must declare allergies prior to arriving for accommodations to be made using the Allergy Declaration Form. The written test will be based on the last 6 years’ state finals tests, share the product categories.

Schools are required to provide the following tools for their teams: 100’ tape measure, diameter tape, compass, clinometer, hypsometer, scaling stick, calculator, survey pins, and cruiser stick. If a contestant is found using a programmable calculator, they are to be disqualified.

Please keep in mind that classes are still in session on Friday, which accounts for a later start time for this contest. We will get students into a holding room as soon as possible. All materials are due by February 8th in a PDF format to  

Please note that the location of the contest is the Horse Barn at the Cole Facility.  Registration will open at 6:30 a.m.  Contest officials reserve the right to cancel performance classes if conditions are deemed unsafe for riders, in which case four sets of reasons will be given on halter classes. In the case of rain, there is no cover for this contest, please prepare students if rain is in the forecast.

There will be no test given and no Keep/Cull class.  There will be at least one breeding performance class with scenario, with a maximum of one per species. The Advanced Division will give reasons and the Novice Division will answer a set of questions. Please do not wear open-toed/ dress shoes and dress for weather as this contest is outside. Registered contestants will be fed lunch but are also encouraged to bring snacks, as this contest runs long.

Contestants are reminded to bring clipboards, pencils, warm clothing and lab coats.  Students are REQUIRED to bring their own hair net and hard hat.  No open-toed shoes will be allowed and absolutely no chewing gum.  Please prepare students to spend a significant amount of time in the coolers.  A lamb carcass judging class will be included in this contest. We understand that it is not included in the CATA codes; however, due to our location being 10 miles from Superior Farms (the only lamb packing company in California), we feel it is important to include lamb carcasses in our contest. We hope you will understand and have time to prepare your students for this judging class.

Contestants are reminded to bring clipboards and pencils. Please note that the location of the contest is at the Robert Mondavi Institute off Old Davis Road and Hilgard Lane.

Contestants are encouraged to bring clipboards and a snack since this will run long.

This contest will be split between two locations this year: Activities and Recreation Center and Academic Surge. Novice will take place in the ARC and Advanced will take place in Academic Surge,  which are in different locations on campus. If you have a participant competing in both this contest and Job Interview, please notify the coordinator at the time of registration as these contests are across campus from each other this year and will take some planning in order to compete in both. All teams must provide a judge for EACH team in order to compete and a volunteer to be a timekeeper. This means if you are bringing 2 teams, you are required to bring 2 judges. Judges will be informed of their contest assignment and will receive their judging packet at registration - no judge will be allowed to judge their own school.  Alternates will be allowed to take the test and compete.  There will be two rounds of competition followed by the final round, consisting of six teams. Minutes will not be taken. The teams advancing into the final round will be posted as results are available. Please see the detailed timeline for this contest as the times have changed dramatically from past years. We will return to our usual space next year.

Students will judge and rank a class of four broilers and a class of four laying hens, one of these groups will be chosen the day of for oral reasons. They will also judge and rank four ready to cook turkey carcasses for the second set of oral reasons. The rest of the competition will be grading ready-to-cook chicken carcasses, internal and external eggs, and further processed parts. There will also be parts identification, and a multiple choice test based on the even year information in the 6th edition of the poultry manual. A team activity will start the competition, but will only count for the FFA team scores, not the 4-H.

Briggs/Stratton 12S432 engines will be used for troubleshooting.  Bring appropriate tools/manuals.  Only the top 15 teams will troubleshoot engines based on their scores for Theory, Part ID & Tool ID, Technicals Skills, and Problem Solving. All alternates are eligible for individual awards. Contestants are reminded to bring clipboards and safety glasses, and appropriate attire for this contest.  Safety glasses are required for Problem-Solving, Technical skills, and Troubleshooting.  Each school is required to provide one troubleshooting judge for the contest.

Contestants should bring their own clipboard and a #2 pencil. Registered students for this contest will be provided a lunch.

Contestants should bring their own clipboard and a #2 pencil. This contest tends to run long, contestants are encouraged to bring snacks.