Pedro Carvalho

Pedro Carvalho

Position Title
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist

  • Animal Science


Effect of cattle breed and basal diet on digestibility, rumen bacterial communities, and eating and rumination activity
PHV Carvalho, ACJ Pinto, DD Millen, TL Felix
Journal of animal science 98 (5), skaa114, 2020

Effects of steroidal implants on feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, and serum and meat estradiol-17β concentrations of Holstein steers
PHV Carvalho, TL Peery, George, Felix
1 4, 206-213, 2020

Effects of feeding rumen-protected Capsicum oleoresin on growth performance, health status, and total tract digestibility of growing beef cattle
MF Westphalen, PHV Carvalho, J Oh, AN Hristov, WB Staniar, TL Felix
Animal feed science and technology 271, 114778, 2021

Efficacy of sheep as a digestibility model for cattle when fed concentrate-based or forage-based diets
GA Chishti, PHV Carvalho, AC Pinto, FAS Silva, TL Felix
Translational Animal Science 3 (4), 1106-1111, 2019

Effects of coated and noncoated steroidal implants on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and serum estradiol-17β concentrations of finishing Holstein steers
PHV Carvalho, MF Westphalen, JA Campbell, TL Felix
Translational Animal Science 4 (4), txaa190, 2020