Steven Grodsky

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Assistant Researcher

Land, Air and Water Resources



Response of raptors to a windfarm
JC Garvin, CS Jennelle, D Drake, SM Grodsky
Journal of Applied Ecology 48 (1), 199-209, 2011

Investigating the causes of death for wind turbine-associated bat fatalities
SM Grodsky, MJ Behr, A Gendler, D Drake, BD Dieterle, RJ Rudd, ...
Journal of mammalogy 92 (5), 917-925, 2011

Do biomass harvesting guidelines influence herpetofauna following harvests of logging residues for renewable energy?
S Fritts, C Moorman, S Grodsky, D Hazel, J Homyack, C Farrell, ...
Ecological Applications 26 (3), 926-939, 2016

Shrew response to variable woody debris retention: implications for sustainable forest bioenergy
SR Fritts, CE Moorman, SM Grodsky, DW Hazel, JA Homyack, CB Farrell, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 336, 35-43, 2015

Techno–ecological synergies of solar energy for global sustainability
RR Hernandez, A Armstrong, J Burney, G Ryan, K Moore-O’Leary, ...
Nature Sustainability 2 (7), 560-568, 2019