Information for New First Year/Transfer Students

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Academic Programs (UAP) unit is dedicated to your success at UC Davis. From orientation to graduation, we are here to support you through your college experience. Advisors are present and ready to assist you in your transition and adjustment to campus during orientation and we encourage you to speak with an advisor if you have any questions pertaining to your time here.

If you do not attend orientation, you may not be able to receive academic advising prior to enrolling in classes and will register on your own during your registration appointment time, also known as a Pass Time. This registration appointment is a pre-assigned time to enroll in courses and can be found on your ScheduleBuilder one week prior to your pass time.If you do not attend orientation and need help with registration, contact the CA&ES Dean’s Office by email or phone at (530) 752-0108.We will be able to help you in getting connected to your major advisor, who can best advise you on selecting courses used towards your major. Our office can also provide you with assistance in registering for any general education courses you may still need. For our undeclared/exploratory students, please note, that while you are exploring majors, we are considered your major advisor.

While navigating course registration at UC Davis, you may find the following websites to be helpful:

Academic Transition

The transition to UC Davis can have its challenges, but we are here to assist you in making it as smooth as possible. You can expect to approach this new era in your life with excitement and curiosity. You may have questions about getting involved, the pacing of the quarter system, and how you will do in your classes. Guess what? That is completely normal and we can help with all of this. Remember, you have what it takes to do well here and you deserve to be here.

For some of you, you may asking yourself if you made the right major choice. That is O.K.! Even if you want to change majors, it is easy to do so and not a difficult process. In fact, once you complete one quarter at UC Davis, in good academic standing, you may be eligible to change your major. This is one example of many possibilities coming your way.

Academic Planning

As you prepare to choose your courses for the first time, please note that many components go into developing a good first quarter schedule. As you progress through your academic career, you make progress on General Education requirements.

More information about academic planning can be found throughout this website. Don't forget to check us out!

Educational Enrichment

So what if you want to get involved or more connected to campus? Check out some links below on some great opportunities to do that!

Something else to note is that your information at UC Davis is private! The Federal Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) allows only “directory information” to be released, and for campus offices (including our own) to communicate to a third party you must sign a release form.

Note: Each office may have their own release form so check in with each respective department on their process regarding FERPA.

Next Steps

We are very excited to have you join our Aggie community. We know you may have a lot on your mind right now, but know that you have a network of support ready to help you reach your goals while you are here. We know you are coming to us with many different strengths and that should be celebrated. As you navigate your career here, don't forget to have fun and ask for help when needed! We are just one phone call, email, or visit away and we would be happy to assist you.

Should you have any questions or if you want to find ways to connect further to our college, let someone in the Undergraduate Academic Programs (UAP) unit know.

Let's Meet

You can find us in the Dean's Office located in 150 Mrak Hall.
On the go? No problem! Pre-schedule an appointment with us or give us a call at (530)752-0108.
Congratulations and welcome to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis!