Rand Conger

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Professor Emeritus

Human Ecology



Economic stress, coercive family process, and developmental problems of adolescents
RD Conger, X Ge, GH Elder Jr, FO Lorenz, RL Simons
Child development 65 (2), 541-561, 1994

A family process model of economic hardship and adjustment of early adolescent boys
RD Conger, KJ Conger, GH Elder Jr, FO Lorenz, RL Simons, LB Whitbeck
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Familes in Troubled Times: Adapting to Change in Rural America
RD Conger, GH Elder
J. Soc. & Soc. Welfare 22, 170, 1995

Families in troubled times: Adapting to change in rural America
R Conger, GH Elder
Aldine de Gruyter, 1994

Economic pressure in African American families: a replication and extension of the family stress model.
RD Conger, LE Wallace, Y Sun, RL Simons, VC McLoyd, GH Brody
Developmental psychology 38 (2), 179, 2002