Department Chairs and Managers

CA&ES Dean's Office

Brian McEligot  Chief Administrative Officer 530-752-3603

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Rachael Goodhue  Chair 530-754-7812
Aaron Smith Vice Chair 530-752-2138
Travis Lybbert Vice Chair 530-554-1393
Elle Barnes Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-9995

Animal Science

Anne Todgham Chair 530-752-1252
Elizabeth Maga Vice Chair 530-752-5930
Michael Mienaltowski Vice Chair 530-207-3226
Kelly Wade Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-4695

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Fadi Fathallah Chair 530-752-1612
Stavros Vougioukas Vice Chair 530-752-1890
Jennifer Radke  Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-1947

Entomology and Nematology

Joanna Chiu Chair 530-752-0492
Vacant Vice Chair  
Nora Orozco Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-3711

Environmental Science and Policy

Susan Harrison Chair 530-752-7110
Gwen Arnold Vice Chair 530-752-6718
Marissa Baskett Vice Chair 530-752-1579
Ellen Barnes Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-6370

Environmental Toxicology

Andrew Whitehead Chair 530-754-8982
Michele La Merrill Vice Chair  
Patricia Oteiza Vice Chair 530-754-6074
Chris Crum   Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-6584

Food Science and Technology

Chris Simmons Chair 530-752-2109
Nitin Nitin Vice Chair  530-752-6208
Jennifer Radke   Chief Administrative Officer  530-752-1947

Human Ecology

Leigh Ann Simmons Chair 530-752-0511
Jonathan London Vice Chair 530-219-9082
Adrienne Nishina Vice Chair 530-752-7003
Ellen Barnes Chief Administrative Officer 530-752-1127

Land, Air, and Water Resources

Will Horwath Chair 530-752-2199
Helen Dahlke Vice Chair 530-302-5358
Ian Faloona Vice Chair 530-752-2044
Jorge Rodrigues Vice Chair 530-341-4355
Chris Crum Chief Administrative Officer 530-752-6584


Francene Steinberg Chair 530-752-0160
Fawaz Haj Vice Chair 530-752-3214
Gerardo MacKenzie Vice Chair 530-752-2140
Kelly Wade Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-1598

Plant Pathology

Dave Rizzo Chair 530-752-4269
Nora Orozco Chief Administrative Officer  530-752-3711

Plant Sciences

Gail Taylor Chair 530-752-9165
Patrick Brown Vice Chair 530-752-0929
Tom Buckley Vice Chair 530-752-0320
Bruce Linquist Vice Chair 530-752-3125
Dan Potter Vice Chair 530-754-6141
Madhu Sharma Chief Administrative Officer 530-752-2683

Viticulture and Enology

David Block Chair 530-752-0381
Ben Montpetit Vice Chair 530-752-5955
Anita Oberholster Vice Chair 530-754-4866
Jennider Radke  Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-1947

Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology

Nann Fangue  Chair 530-752-4997
Dirk Van Vuren Vice Chair 530-752-4181
Chris Crum  Chief Administrative Officer   530-752-6584