Faculty Executive Committee

Faculty Executive Committee 2022-2023

Bylaws and Regulations of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
2022 Annual Report of the Faculty Executive Committee


Bernadette Austin (Secretary) CA&ES Dean's Office
Roger Baldwin Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
Daniela Barile Food Science and Technology
Eduardo Blumwald (Vice Chair) Plant Sciences
Helene Dillard (Ex Officio) Dean, CA&ES Dean's Office
Georgia Drakakaki Plant Sciences
Sue Ebeler (Ex Officio) Associate Dean, CA&ES Dean's Office
Anna Grulikowski Undergraduate Student
Peter Hernes Land, Air and Water Resources
Katrina Jessoe Agricultural and Resource Economics
Nitin Nitin Food Science and Technology / Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Patricia Oteiza Nutrition / Environmental Toxicology
Tina Saitone Agricultural and Resource Economics
Gang Sun (Chair) Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Alison Van Eenennaam Animal Science
Sidney Woodruff Graduate Student