Executive Committee

Executive Committee 2019-2020

Bylaws and Regulations of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Annual Report of the CA&ES Faculty Executive Committee


Kassim Al-Khatib Plant Sciences
Charlie Brummer Plant Sciences
Helene Dillard (Ex Officio) Dean, CA&ES Dean's Office
Sue Ebeler (Ex Officio) Associate Dean, CA&ES Dean's Office
Russ Hovey Animal Science
Sahap Kaan Kurtural Viticulture and Enology
Mark Lubell Environmental Science and Policy
Neil McRoberts Plant Pathology
Lucero Morales Undergraduate Student, Biotechnology
Sanjai Parikh Land, Air, and Water Resources
Greg Pasternack Land, Air, and Water Resources
Lea Pollack Graduate Student, Ecology
Jorge Rodrigues Land, Air, and Water Resources
Samuel Sandoval Solis Land, Air, and Water Resources
Kali Trzesniewski Human Ecology