Faculty Executive Committee

Faculty Executive Committee 2021-2022

Bylaws and Regulations of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
2021 Annual Report of the Faculty Executive Committee


Bernadette Austin (Secretary) CA&ES Dean's Office
Roger Baldwin Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
Daniela Barile Food Science and Technology
Eduardo Blumwald Plant Sciences
Kelsey Brewer Graduate Student
Charlie Brummer (Chair) Plant Sciences
Helene Dillard (Ex Officio) Dean, CA&ES Dean's Office
Georgia Drakakaki Plant Sciences
Sue Ebeler (Ex Officio) Associate Dean, CA&ES Dean's Office
Peter Hernes Land, Air and Water Resources
Katrina Jessoe Agricultural and Resource Economics
Katie Li Undergraduate Student
Patricia Oteiza Nutrition / Environmental Toxicology
Tina Saitone Agricultural and Resource Economics
Samuel Sandoval Solis Land, Air, and Water Resources
Gang Sun (Vice Chair) Biological and Agricultural Engineering