Outstanding Senior Awards

We want to congratulate the many students from individual majors in our college who have received departmental recognition for significant contributions to our campus. These students have distinguished themselves through academic excellence, leadership in classroom discussions and student groups, and/or involvement in research or creative work. Names of these students are listed below:

  1. Annaliese Wargin (Entomology)
  2. Garrett Keating (Entomology)
  3. Asher Lewis Lazarus (International Agricultural Development)
  4. Aliza Bea Lauter (International Agricultural Development)
  5. Levina Setiono (International Agricultural Development)
  6. Baolouo Gao (Food Science and Technology)
  7. Susanna Chang (Food Science and Technology)
  8. Zhe (Jill) Wei (Food Science and Technology)
  9. Samuel Utomo (Food Science and Technology)
  10. Hannah Hanlon (Viticulture and Enology)
  11. Trinity Pineda (Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology)
  12. Danielle Fradet (Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology)
  13. Tinghang Li (Textiles and Clothing)
  14. Brandon Nguyen (Global Disease Biology)
  15. Rustam Nicholas Khayd (Agricultural and Environmental Education)
  16. Amanda Burns (Environmental Toxicology)
  17. Jonathan Do (Environmental Toxicology)
  18. Hatai Dylan (Environmental Toxicology)
  19. Haley Adel (Clinical Nutrition)
  20. Saba Almassi (Nutrition Science)
  21. Kajal Raju (Managerial Economics)
  22. Lindsey Smith (Animal Science)
  23. Joshua Liu (Animal Science)
  24. Teresa Greenhut (Animal Science and Management)