Gloves on food workers don’t assure sanitation

(photo: Food Safety Counsel)
(photo: Food Safety Counsel)

Food safety expert Christine Bruhn says gloves don’t substitute for hand-washing.

February 13, 2014
(from NPR)

A new California law makes it illegal for culinary workers to touch uncooked food with their bare hands.


Food scientist Christine Bruhn, faculty member in the Dept. of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis, and statewide UC Cooperative Extension specialist.


Christine Bruhn a food safety expert in the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology, noted that cooks who wear gloves forget to wash their hands more often than cooks who don’t wear them.

“So if you put gloves on dirty hands, you’re handling food with dirty hands,” Bruhn says. “Gloves are not the barrier you would think they are.”

(Read the full article, by Miles Bryan, Jan. 28, 2014, on NPR.)

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