MANRRS students pose for a photo.

The National Society for Multiculturalism in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) promotes academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources and related sciences.

Join Us at our weekly video-conference meetings on Wednesdays from 3–4 p.m. 

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Meeting ID: 972 3636 9505
Passcode: 782663

Participation in this organization is also available for 1 unit of credit! CRN 50288

Photos of MANNRS club members gardening, at club meetings, at state competition and with the CA&ES Dean and Associate Dean

What can MANRRS do for you?

Agriculture and related industries provide about one in every five job opportunities in the nation. Demand for qualified graduates far exceeds supply. Participation in MANRRS provides students with a number of opportunities to give them an advantage in the job market:

  • Leadership, organizational and public speaking skills
  • Internships and cooperative training experiences
  • Access to top graduate programs
  • Networking and exposure to top employers
  • Travel to and participation in national and regional conferences
  • Networking professors in various fields


About Us

MANRRS offers students opportunities to enhance leadership, organizational and public speaking skills, and to receive critiques of scholarly work in a supportive environment. MANRRS professional members are often the only, or one of few, minority participants in their basic disciplinary societies or at their career locations. MANRRS provides a network of counterparts from similar backgrounds with related interests and goals. More experienced members serve as mentors for newer graduates. MANRRS provides its members an inner circle of relationships to improve professional lines of communication. MANRRS also serves employers in the broader agricultural sector. It provides them a platform to identify prospective, well-qualified employees who are members of ethnic groups. Our chapter is connected with companies such as Land O’Lakes, Purina Mills, and WinField® United, Bayer, John Deere, Farm Credit, Veterinary Services, Animal Care, BASF, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Cargill, Elanco, Merck & Co., Dow, Monsanto, Syngenta, Du Pont, the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

MANRRS students


Did you know?
MANRRS students can receive 1 unit of credit per quarter for participation, please email us for more information.


Who We Are

MANRRS is a national society that welcomes people of all racial and ethnic groups to explore careers in agricultural and related sciences. MANRRS members are encouraged to participate in other professional societies for their disciplinary and career interests. However, MANRRS provides networks to support professional development of minorities. MANRRS connects students to career and networking opportunities that can help them to advance within highly competitive fields of work. For student members, MANRRS also provides role models and distinctive networking opportunities.


National Conference

A national training conference is held annually where more than 1,000 members meet each other and network with agriculture and natural resources related companies like: Land O’Lakes, Purina Mills, and WinField United, Bayer, John Deere, Farm Credit, Veterinary Services, Animal Care, BASF, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Cargill, Elanco, Merck, Dow, Monsanto, Syngenta, Du Pont, U.S. Forest Service, and USDA. Conference attendees can experience workshops, research presentations, student competitions and keynote addresses by prominent leaders. A job fair provides opportunities for students and young professionals to meet with employers and discuss internships, graduate research positions and career opportunities.


Student Competitions

MANRRS competitions take place at our fall regional conferences at the annual national conference. These competitions showcase members’ written and oral communication skills in completing essays, speeches, and the design of innovative poster projects.

Regional Meetings

Regional meetings focus on professional and leadership development of students. The respective student vice president in each of the six regions coordinates these activities. Meetings are attended by top industry and government professionals. MANRRS has developed a network and partnerships with a number of private companies and government agencies to offer scholarships, internships, cooperative training experiences, and other professional development opportunities.