Scientist and journalist debate GMOs

Professor Pamela Ronald, UC Davis.
Professor Pamela Ronald, UC Davis.

Pam Ronald and Michael Pollan share opposing views on genetically modified organisms.

May 9, 2014
(from the New Yorker)

UC Davis plant pathology professor and geneticist Pamela Ronald spoke to an audience of 700 in Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley campus at the invitation of noted food journalist Michael Pollan about genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Pollan invited Ronald to share her perspectives on GMO food to a course he co-teaches called “Edible Education” that is dedicated to making the global food system “more equitable, healthful and sustainable.”

Pollan has been critical of GMO foods but told the audience, “If anyone can make the case for this technology, it’s Pam Ronald.”

Ronald gave an hour-long presentation before debating Pollan and course co-leader Raj Patel. She pointed out, for instance, that GMO crops have dramatically reduced insecticide use. On the other hand, Pollan noted that some GMO crops have led to herbicide-resistant weeds.

(Read more about the GMO debate in the full story by Amanda Little published in the New Yorker on April 25, 2014.)

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