CA&ES Faculty Awarded Fellowships

Clockwise from top left: Gwen Arnold, Paul Ullrich, Katrina Jessoe, M. Anne Visser. (UC Davis | Chris Nicolini )
Clockwise from top left: Gwen Arnold, Paul Ullrich, Katrina Jessoe, M. Anne Visser. (UC Davis | Chris Nicolini )

Dec 08, 2014 — John Stumbos

Four CA&ES faculty members awarded Hellman Family Foundation fellowships.

Four CA&ES faculty members have been awarded fellowships from the Hellman Family Foundation for 2014–2015. The foundation provides support and encouragement for the research of promising assistant professors who exhibit potential for great distinction in their research, and who have documented a need for funding. The fellowship is intended to support research and creative activities that will promote career advancement and progress toward tenure.

This is the seventh year of the UC Davis Hellman Fellows Program, and applicants in many disciplines across the campus were selected for awards. To honor the 2014-2015 Hellman Fellows, there will be a luncheon for the fellows and the Hellman Family Foundation members. The fellows will be asked to make a short presentation about their research and the impact that the award has made on their research progress.

Recipients include:

  • Gwen Arnold, Department of Environmental Science and Policy. Her research examines how factors affect the way science is applied to environmental policy problems such as hydraulic fracturing or wetlands preservation.
  • Katrina Jessoe, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. She specializes in environmental and energy economics, with much of her research centered on the design and evaluation of water regulations and time variant pricing in the electricity sector.
  • Paul Ullrich, Department of Land, Air and Water Resources. His research is focused on regional and global climate change, atmospheric dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, numerical methods for geophysical sciences, model validation, verification, and uncertainty quantification.
  • M. Anne Visser, Department of Human Ecology. Her research interests include informal economy, nonstandard work arrangements, low-wage labor markets, governance, socioeconomic integration, and socioeconomic inequality.


This article was originally published as part of the August 14, 2014 CA&ES Currents Newsletter.