Seriously, we’re listening

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How would you like to see your gifts at work?

All recent donors to the CA&ES Annual Fund were recently sent a postcard asking them to complete a survey. If that’s you, please check the fridge or the “I’ll-get-to-it-later” pile on your desk, and log on to tell us how you would like to see your gift put to work. If you are a current or future donor to the college, we’d like to hear from you, too!

The CA&ES Annual Fund is an unrestricted account designated to support some of the college’s highest priorities. The fund is used at the discretion of the college dean. Over the years, it has helped fund student development and outreach programs such as Aggie Ambassadors, startup grants for new faculty, and student travel to national academic conferences. Current funding commitments designated by Dean Helene Dillard include undergraduate and graduate student scholarships.

Dean Dillard has identified some other opportunities for the Annual Fund to support this year, but we’d like to hear what YOU think is important. Please complete this short, 7 question survey.

Because seriously, we’re listening.