Amélie Gaudin

Amélie Gaudin

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Plant Sciences


Gaudin, an assistant professor in the Department of Plant Sciences, specializes in agroecology. Gaudin completed her Ph.D. in plant agriculture at the University of Guelph and conducted research as a crop physiologist at various CGIAR centers (the International Potato Center—CIP—and the International Rice Research Institute—IRRI) before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2015.

Research interests:

Agroecology, adaptation and resilience to climate change, conservation practices, ecological intensification, resource use efficiency, crop stress physiology, root systems, domestication.

Brief overview:

In a changing climate, agriculture faces many challenges to sustainably increase food production. Our research program centers on using agroecological principles to tackle these challenges and help develop more efficient, sustainable, and resilient cropping systems.

We conduct research on systems rather than specific crops in geographic areas ranging from the Corn Belt to California to the tropics. We integrate methods from various disciplines to study how conservation practices and climate-smart management options help maintain or recover ecosystem services after an area has undergone environmental stresses. We also seek to understand how root systems respond to limiting resources and their potential to develop more efficient crops.

Current projects:

  • Potential of cropping system diversification for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the northern Corn Belt
  • Trade-offs and synergies between mitigation and adaptation strategies in California processing tomato production systems
  • Evaluation of conservation agriculture practices to enhance maize tolerance to drought and to maintain/recover regulation of agroecosystem services under stress  
  • Impact of domestication and breeding on crop root ecology, growth, and architecture, and the implications for nitrogen uptake
  • Ecological intensification of almond orchards