Artyom Kopp

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Evolution and Ecology



Bacterial communities of diverse Drosophila species: ecological context of a host–microbe model system
JA Chandler, JM Lang, S Bhatnagar, JA Eisen, A Kopp
PLoS genet 7 (9), e1002272, 2011

Genetic control and evolution of sexually dimorphic characters in Drosophila
A Kopp, I Duncan, SB Carroll
Nature 408 (6812), 553-559, 2000

Evolution in black and white: genetic control of pigment patterns in Drosophila
PJ Wittkopp, SB Carroll, A Kopp
TRENDS in Genetics 19 (9), 495-504, 2003

The regulation and evolution of a genetic switch controlling sexually dimorphic traits in Drosophila
TM Williams, JE Selegue, T Werner, N Gompel, A Kopp, SB Carroll
Cell 134 (4), 610-623, 2008

The making of a pest: the evolution of a fruit-penetrating ovipositor in Drosophila suzukii and related species
J Atallah, L Teixeira, R Salazar, G Zaragoza, A Kopp
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1781), 20132840, 2014