Brad Hanson

Brad Hanson

Position Title
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist

Plant Sciences


Hanson, an associate Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Plant Sciences, specializes in weed management in tree and vine cropping systems. Hanson completed his Ph.D. in plant sciences (with an emphasis in weed science) at the University of Idaho and worked as a research agronomist with the USDA-ARS before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2009.

Research interests:

Weeds, weed control, herbicide resistance, weed biology, invasive plants, pest control in fruit and nut crops and other agricultural production systems

Brief overview:

My weed science research and extension program contributes to the economic and environmental sustainability of perennial cropping systems by developing integrated pest management solutions for weeds and other pests using a variety of chemical and nonchemical approaches. My primary focus is on weed control efficiency, crop safety, and the environmental concerns that surround conventional, herbicide-based weed control methods. In order to find practical solutions to complex agricultural and environmental problems, we conduct multidisciplinary research at the laboratory-, greenhouse-, and field-scale. We share this knowledge with our stakeholders through Cooperative Extension outreach and our network of CE farm advisors.

Current projects:

  • Herbicidal weed control in perennial and annual cropping systems
  • Crop safety and nontarget herbicide problems
  • Herbicide-resistant weeds
  • Soil fumigation and methyl bromide alternatives in orchards and tree nursery systems