Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Plant Sciences



Turbulence in sparse, organized vegetative canopies: a large-eddy simulation study
BN Bailey, R Stoll
Boundary-layer meteorology 147 (3), 369-400, 2013

Rapid measurement of the three-dimensional distribution of leaf orientation and the leaf angle probability density function using terrestrial LiDAR scanning
BN Bailey, WF Mahaffee
Remote Sensing of Environment 194, 63-76, 2017

A new three-dimensional energy balance model for complex plant canopy geometries: Model development and improved validation strategies
BN Bailey, R Stoll, ER Pardyjak, NE Miller
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 218, 146-160, 2016

A scalable plant-resolving radiative transfer model based on optimized GPU ray tracing
BN Bailey, M Overby, P Willemsen, ER Pardyjak, WF Mahaffee, R Stoll
Agricultural and forest meteorology 198, 192-208, 2014

The creation and evolution of coherent structures in plant canopy flows and their role in turbulent transport
BN Bailey, R Stoll
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 789, 425-460, 2016