Clare Cannon

Clare Cannon

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Human Ecology



Cannon, an assistant professor in the Department of Human Ecology, specializes in community and regional development and policy. She completed her Ph.D. in sociology from Tulane University before joining the faculty at UC Davis in 2017. 

Research interests:

Ecology and society, global and urban sustainability, gender and society, climate change and environmental health, quantitative methodologies

Brief overview:

How we produce waste and who is disproportionately affected by the processes of production and waste are imperative questions that need solving. In my work, I apply cutting-edge theories of social inequality to environmental problems using innovative statistical, mapping and interviewing methodologies. My research aims to inform policies to better benefit local and global communities. In addition to my research, I teach and train the next generation to explore issues related to politics and community development, gender inequality, and local and global sustainability in the wake of widespread effects from climate change. 

Current projects: 

  • Analyzing the location and distribution of all landfills across the United States
  • Assessing environmental health and environmental justice in California communities 
  • Surveying domestic intervention programs in North America 


Updated September 2018