Florent Trouillas

Florent Trouillas

Position Title
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist

Plant Pathology
Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center


Trouillas is an assistant specialist in Cooperative Extension at the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (UC’s largest off-campus agricultural research facility, located in Parlier, California). He is part of the UC Davis Department of Plant Pathology, and specializes in fruit and nut crop pathology. Trouillas completed his Ph.D. at UC Davis before joining our faculty in 2014.

Research interests:

Fruit and nut crop diseases, etiology, diagnosis, epidemiology, and control of fungal and bacterial diseases of fruit and nut crops.

Brief overview:

Diseases of fruit and nut crops have significant economic impacts on the agricultural industry. My research goals are to contribute to the understanding of plant diseases and to develop strategies to control them. These can include the testing of new chemistry compounds and screening for natural competitors. In addition, innovative solutions for disease control can be developed by gaining new knowledge on pathogen epidemiology and biology and by implementing appropriate preventive practices. I work with pistachio, almond, cherry, walnut, and other crops important to the California economy.

In my laboratory we work to help farmers grow healthier crops, improve the quality of their products, and ensure the prosperity of their farming.

Current projects:

  • Investigating and diagnosing new and emerging diseases of pistachio, assessing the status of California pistachio tree health
  • Investigating the etiology of limb dieback and trunk and scaffold canker diseases of almond, improving diagnosis and management strategies
  • Etiology and management of sweet cherry canker diseases, investigating fungi associated with canker diseases in sweet cherry and chemical control methods against Calosphaeria canker, Eutypa dieback, and Leucostoma (Cytospora) canker
  • Management of Phytophthora root and crown rot of almond, evaluating the effectiveness of several new fungicides against Phytophthora species
  • Pistachio bushy top syndrome, influences of colonization and infection by Rhodococcus fascians on flowering and fruit set on Pistacia vera