Gwen Arnold

Gwen Arnold

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Environmental Science and Policy


A review of design principles for community-based natural resource management
M Cox, G Arnold, SV Tomás
Ecology and Society 15 (4), 2010

Street-level policy entrepreneurship
G Arnold
Public Management Review 17 (3), 307-327, 2015

Social networks and policy entrepreneurship: How relationships shape municipal decision making about high‐volume hydraulic fracturing
G Arnold, LA Nguyen Long, M Gottlieb
Policy Studies Journal 45 (3), 414-441, 2017

An institutional theory of hydraulic fracturing policy
R Holahan, G Arnold
Ecological Economics 94, 127-134, 2013

“No fracking way” vs.“drill baby drill”: A restructuring of who is pitted against whom in the narrative policy framework
M Gottlieb, E Bertone Oehninger, G Arnold
Policy Studies Journal 46 (4), 798-827, 2018