Kali Trzesniewski

Kali Trzesniewski

Position Title
Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist

Human Ecology


Trzesniewski, an associate Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Human Ecology, specializes in developmental psychology. She also serves as associate director of research for the Statewide 4-H Youth Development Program. Trzesniewski completed her Ph.D. in psychology at UC Davis. She was a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, prior to joining the UC Davis faculty in 2010.

Research interests:

Families and children and youth, students and education, positive youth development, health and well-being

Brief overview:

I am interested in understanding how to raise children to grow up to be healthy, productive members of society. This includes finding supportive relationships, supporting themselves and their family, and not bringing harm to others. I investigate the developmental origins and interrelations among self-esteem, achievement, and antisocial behavior.

Current projects:

  • What is self-esteem and where does it come from?
  • How do we best translate positive youth development research findings for use by community programs, such as 4-H?
  • How much impact are existing interventions having on youth outcomes?
  • What factors make successful interventions work?