Kassim Al-Khatib

Kassim Al-Khatib

Position Title

  • Plant Sciences


Mode of high temperature injury to wheat during grain development
K Al‐Khatib, GM Paulsen
Physiologia plantarum 61 (3), 363-368, 1984

Photosynthesis and productivity during high‐temperature stress of wheat genotypes from major world regions
K Al‐Khatib, GM Paulsen
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Imazethapyr resistance in common sunflower (Helianthus annuus)
K Al-Khatib, JR Baumgartner, DE Peterson, RS Currie
Weed Science 46 (4), 403-407, 1998

High‐temperature effects on photosynthetic processes in temperate and tropical cereals
K Al‐Khatib, GM Paulsen
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Weed suppression with Brassica green manure crops in green pea
K Al-Khatib, C Libbey, R Boydston
Weed Science 45 (3), 439-445, 1997