Neil McRoberts

Neil McRoberts

Position Title
Associate Professor
Director, Western Plant Diagnostic Network

  • Plant Pathology
  • Director of the Western Plant Diagnostic Network


The global burden of pathogens and pests on major food crops
S Savary, L Willocquet, SJ Pethybridge, P Esker, N McRoberts, A Nelson
Nature ecology & evolution 3 (3), 430-439, 2019

Plants and biotrophs: a pivotal role for cytokinins?
DR Walters, N McRoberts
Trends in plant science 11 (12), 581-586, 2006

SPACSYS: integration of a 3D root architecture component to carbon, nitrogen and water cycling—model description
L Wu, MB McGechan, N McRoberts, JA Baddeley, CA Watson
Ecological Modelling 200 (3-4), 343-359, 2007

Are green islands red herrings? Significance of green islands in plant interactions with pathogens and pests
DR Walters, N McRoberts, BDL Fitt
Biological Reviews 83 (1), 79-102, 2008

The theoretical basis and practical application of relationships between different disease intensity measurements in plants
N McRoberts, G Hughes, LV Madden
Annals of applied Biology 142 (2), 191-211, 2003

Research Interests & Expertise
  • Plant disease epidemiology, systems modelling and analysis, bio-economic analysis of plant diseases