Noli Brazil

Noli Brazil

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Human Ecology


Noli Brazil, an assistant professor in the Department of Human Ecology, specializes in community and human development. He completed his Ph.D. in demography from UC Berkeley and conducted postdoctoral research at Yale University and the University of Southern California before joining the faculty at UC Davis in 2017.

Research interests:

Neighborhood inequality, residential mobility, Hispanic migration, spatial demography, quantitative methods, urban change

Brief overview:

I am interested in spatial demography, or more broadly, the connections between people and places. Geography and space are important factors driving social and health inequalities, and I work to better understand the factors that link geography and inequality.

Neighborhoods play a central role in my research. At the broadest spatial scale, I study the consequences of large-scale urban trends and interventions. Moving down the geographic ladder, I examine the causes and consequences of neighborhood inequality with a specific focus on how schools influence neighborhoods and vice versa. At the individual level, I investigate the determinants and consequences of migration and residential mobility with a particular focus on adolescents and young adults—a period in life when environmental factors like the characteristics of one’s neighborhood are pivotal to well-being and development.

Current projects:

  • Examining the effects of public-school closures on neighborhoods
  • Investigating the life-course instigators of residential mobility and migration
  • Exploring neighborhood social capital and satisfaction in new and traditional Hispanic destinations