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Land, Air and Water Resources



Molecular indicators of diagenetic status in marine organic matter
SG Wakeham, C Lee, JI Hedges, PJ Hernes, MJ Peterson
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 61 (24), 5363-5369, 1997

Illuminated darkness: Molecular signatures of Congo River dissolved organic matter and its photochemical alteration as revealed by ultrahigh precision mass spectrometry
A Stubbins, RGM Spencer, H Chen, PG Hatcher, K Mopper, PJ Hernes, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 55 (4), 1467-1477, 2010

Glaciers as a source of ancient and labile organic matter to the marine environment
E Hood, J Fellman, RGM Spencer, PJ Hernes, R Edwards, D D’Amore, ...
Nature 462 (7276), 1044-1047, 2009

Photochemical and microbial degradation of dissolved lignin phenols: Implications for the fate of terrigenous dissolved organic matter in marine environments
PJ Hernes, R Benner
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 108 (C9), 2003

Seasonal and spatial variability in dissolved organic matter quantity and composition from the Yukon River basin, Alaska
RGM Spencer, GR Aiken, KP Wickland, RG Striegl, PJ Hernes
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 22 (4), 2008