Reina Engle-Stone

Reina Engle-Stone

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Assistant Professor




Plasma Ferritin and Soluble Transferrin Receptor Concentrations and Body Iron Stores Identify Similar Risk Factors for Iron Deficiency but Result in Different Estimates of the …
R Engle-Stone, M Nankap, AO Ndjebayi, JG Erhardt, KH Brown
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Plasma retinol-binding protein predicts plasma retinol concentration in both infected and uninfected Cameroonian women and children
R Engle-Stone, MJ Haskell, AO Ndjebayi, M Nankap, JG Erhardt, ...
The Journal of nutrition 141 (12), 2233-2241, 2011

Meat and ascorbic acid can promote Fe availability from Fe-phytate but not from Fe-tannic acid complexes
R Engle-Stone, A Yeung, R Welch, R Glahn
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 53 (26), 10276-10284, 2005

Consumption of potentially fortifiable foods by women and young children varies by ecological zone and socio-economic status in Cameroon
R Engle-Stone, AO Ndjebayi, M Nankap, KH Brown
The Journal of nutrition, jn. 111.148783, 2012

Dietary intervention strategies to enhance zinc nutrition: Promotion and support of breastfeeding for infants and young children
KH Brown, R Engle-Stone, NF Krebs, JM Peerson
Food and nutrition bulletin 30 (1_suppl1), S144-S171, 2009