Richard Grotjahn

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Land, Air and Water Resources



North American extreme temperature events and related large scale meteorological patterns: a review of statistical methods, dynamics, modeling, and trends
R Grotjahn, R Black, R Leung, MF Wehner, M Barlow, M Bosilovich, ...
Climate Dynamics 46 (3), 1151-1184, 2016

Global atmospheric circulations- Observations and theories
R Grotjahn
New York: Oxford University Press, 1993., 1993

Composite predictor maps of extraordinary weather events in the Sacramento, California, region
R Grotjahn, G Faure
Weather and Forecasting 23 (3), 313-335, 2008

Some inaccuracies in finite differencing hyperbolic equations
R Grotjahn, JJ O'Brien
Monthly weather review 104 (2), 180-194, 1976

Animated graphics in meteorological research and presentations
R Grotjahn, RM Chervin
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 65 (11), 1201-1208, 1984