Robert Rice

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Environmental Toxicology



Transglutaminases: multifunctional cross‐linking enzymes that stabilize tissues
CS Greenberg, PJ Birckbichler, RH Rice
The FASEB Journal 5 (15), 3071-3077, 1991

Presence in human epidermal cells of a soluble protein precursor of the cross-linked envelope: activation of the cross-linking by calcium ions
RH Rice, H Green
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Radioactive labeling of proteins in vitro
RH Rice, GE Means
Journal of Biological Chemistry 246 (3), 831-832, 1971

The cornified envelope of terminally differentiated human epidermal keratinocytes consists of cross-linked protein
RH Rice, H Green
Cell 11 (2), 417-422, 1977

Keratinocyte-specific transglutaminase of cultured human epidermal cells: relation to cross-linked envelope formation and terminal differentiation
SM Thacher, RH Rice
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