Tom Buckley

Thomas Buckley

Position Title
Associate Professor

Plant Sciences



The control of stomata by water balance
TN Buckley
New phytologist 168 (2), 275-292, 2005

A hydromechanical and biochemical model of stomatal conductance
TN Buckley, KA Mott, GD Farquhar
Plant, Cell & Environment 26 (10), 1767-1785, 2003

Evidence for involvement of photosynthetic processes in the stomatal response to CO2
SM Messinger, TN Buckley, KA Mott
Plant Physiology 140 (2), 771-778, 2006

Patchy stomatal conductance: emergent collective behaviour of stomata
KA Mott, TN Buckley
Trends in plant science 5 (6), 258-262, 2000

How does biomass distribution change with size and differ among species? An analysis for 1200 plant species from five continents
H Poorter, AM Jagodzinski, R Ruiz‐Peinado, S Kuyah, Y Luo, J Oleksyn, ...
New Phytologist 208 (3), 736-749, 2015