Xia Zhu Barker

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Cooperative Extension Specialist

Land, Air and Water Resources



Ammonia oxidation pathways and nitrifier denitrification are significant sources of N2O and NO under low oxygen availability
X Zhu, M Burger, TA Doane, WR Horwath
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (16), 6328-6333, 2013

The importance of abiotic reactions for nitrous oxide production
X Zhu-Barker, AR Cavazos, NE Ostrom, WR Horwath, JB Glass
Biogeochemistry, 1-17, 2015

Soil microbial biomass size and soil carbon influence the priming effect from carbon inputs depending on nitrogen availability
LJ Li, X Zhu-Barker, R Ye, TA Doane, WR Horwath
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 119, 41-49, 2018

Iron: the forgotten driver of nitrous oxide production in agricultural soil
X Zhu, LCR Silva, TA Doane, WR Horwath
PloS one 8 (3), e60146, 2013

Tree growth acceleration and expansion of alpine forests: The synergistic effect of atmospheric and edaphic change
LCR Silva, G Sun, X Zhu-Barker, Q Liang, N Wu, WR Horwath
Science advances 2 (8), e1501302, 2016