College Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree

As a student, you are responsible for seeing that all of your degree requirements are fulfilled. You must satisfy four groups of requirements before becoming eligible for candidacy for the bachelor's degree:

The Undergraduate Academic Programs (UAP) Dean’s Office provides advising on University, College and General Education requirements and can provide general information about the major requirements. Please seek advising directly from your intended major &/or minor for specific graduation requirements.

preliminary degree check can be used to help track your progress. You can also utilize the MyDegree online advising audit to review requirements. Please seek advising regularly to confirm your progress and completion of the degree requirements. (If you entered UC Davis prior to Fall 2011, consult the Dean’s office about a GE2 degree check.)

Information on the degree requirements as well as archived catalog can be found at the Office of the University Registrar website

Archived College Documents: College requirements for April 30 2017- April 29 2018 

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