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Want to have a longer discussion?

We recommend scheduling an appointment if you want more than 15 minutes to discuss your advising needs.


In-Person Advising Appointments


Schedule an in-person appointment


If you would like an in-person advising appointment with a Dean’s Office advisor, please schedule an in-person appointment using the Advising Appointment System. Log onto, select “Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Dean’s Office,” and filter available appointments to look for in-person availability.

Please note:
Masks are still strongly recommended by our public health officials and by UC Davis for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

Remote Advising Appointments

(via Zoom or phone)

Schedule a remote appointment

We know a remote appointment can be easy and convenient. To make a remote appointment, log onto and select “Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Dean’s Office.” Then filter available appointments using “remote” for Zoom appointments or “phone” for phone appointments.