(Pictured from left to right, top to bottom Sue Ebeler, Joe Lee, Kat Parpana and Louie Yang)
CA&ES fares well in academic advising awards competition

Sue Ebeler, Joe Lee, Kat Parpana and Louie Yang acknowledged for excellence


Members of the CA&ES Undergraduate Academic Programs (UAP) team and CA&ES faculty are recipients of an NACADA Region 9 Excellence in Advising award. NACADA, National Academic Advising Association, is a global community for academic advising.

  • Associate Dean Sue Ebeler was selected in the Advising Administrator category. She leads UAP and is a professor in the Department of Viticulture and Enology.
  • UAP Academic Advisor Joe Lee received a certificate of merit in the Primary Advising Role category. He works in the CA&ES Dean’s Office.
  • UAP Academic Advisor Kat Parpana received an award in the Advising Equity Champion category. She works in the CA&ES Dean’s Office.
  • Associate Professor Louie Yang won the Faculty Advisor award. He is an ecologist in the Department of Entomology and Nematology.

NACADA seeks to promote student success in higher education by advancing the field of academic advising through professional development, networking and leadership opportunities. Learn more at the organization’s website.

Nominate a leader in sustainable agriculture for the Bradford/Rominger Award

Help us recognize a UC faculty member, staff, farm advisor, student or alum who helps make California agriculture thrive—now and for future generations. Nominations for the Eric Bradford and Charlie Rominger Agricultural Sustainability Leadership Award are due January 15, 2018.

Established in 2008 through gifts from family and friends, the Eric Bradford and Charlie Rominger Agricultural Sustainability Leadership Award seeks to provide a lasting legacy of the unique contributions Eric Bradford and Charlie Rominger made in academia and agriculture and to the field of agricultural sustainability.

The intent of the Award is to recognize and honor individuals exhibiting the leadership, work ethic and integrity epitomized by Eric and Charlie. Awardees demonstrate leadership with a passion for service as they aim to improve the world through their contributions to agriculture.

Nominate someone with a passion for service

Bruce Hammock receives international award for his research on controlling pain

UC Davis distinguished professor Bruce Hammock, who researches how to control acute and neuropathic pain, recently received an “outstanding achievement” award from the Eicosanoid Research Foundation at its international meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

His work on the enzyme, soluble epoxide hydrolase and its inhibitors, spans nearly 50 years of research. Human clinical trials of the Davis compounds aimed at controlling pain are expected to begin in 2018.

He traces the history of his work to 1969 in the laboratory of UC Berkeley Professor John Casida, where he was a graduate student and later a postdoctoral fellow. At the time, Hammock was researching insect developmental biology and green insecticides when he and colleague Sarjeet Gill (now a UC Riverside professor) discovered the target enzyme in mammals that regulates epoxy fatty acids.

“The work led to the discovery that many regulatory molecules are controlled as much by degradation and biosynthesis,” Hammock said. “The epoxy fatty acids control blood pressure, fibrosis, immunity, tissue growth, pain and inflammation to name a few processes.”

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