A student shakes hands with Dean Helene Dillard.

A Message From the Dean - June 2022

We have so much to celebrate this June! The class of 2022 is graduating after a profound and successful school year, and we look forward to the first spring commencement in two years, happening June 10-12. This year, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is graduating approximately 1,844 undergraduates and 106 graduate students. I am continually reminded of the resilience and hope of our future leaders, especially in those moments of quiet excellence, when I see students studying and relaxing in the Arboretum, passing the torch of leadership and opportunity in a club meeting and passionately advocating for leadership to uphold the values of our community. Our students give me hope for the future—they are bright, insightful and full of inspiration and new ideas. And they have learned to hone these abilities during their time on campus under the support and guidance of our brilliant faculty and staff. As we all continue to charter a new path in this post pandemic society, I am heartened by the diligence and commitment of our college and the potential of our graduates.

Speaking of examples of excellence, each year at spring commencement, our college honors several students for their exceptional accomplishments in the areas of academic excellence, distinctive leadership and community service. These awards include the College Medal for scholastic excellence, the Mary Regan Meyer Prize for serving humanity, the Charles Hess Community Service Award for outstanding public or community service and the Dean’s Circle Award for outstanding academics and community service. This year’s University Medalist also is a CA&ES awardee! We are so proud of all of their achievements. Learn more about the graduating students who exemplify and uphold the spirit and values of our college and campus.

June is also Pride Month and a time to collectively celebrate our LGBTQIA colleagues and students! In a time with so much unrest in the world, Pride Month is a joyous opportunity to honor and listen to the needs of our LGBTQIA community members. We appreciate and celebrate the support that the LGBTQIA Resource Center brings to our students, staff and faculty, and the warmth, acceptance and pride they cultivate for our campus community.

I want to remind you that Highlights will be taking its annual summer break from the news and will be back in time for the new school year. In the meantime, may you all find a moment to relax and recharge this summer. I hope you join me in celebrating the accomplishments of our students, the bright and beautiful insights we’ve learned this past year and the small moments in your day that bring you joy.

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