Barbara Blanco-Ulate

Barbara Blanco-Ulate

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Plant Sciences



Genetic improvement of tomato by targeted control of fruit softening
S Uluisik, NH Chapman, R Smith, M Poole, G Adams, RB Gillis, ...
Nature biotechnology 34 (9), 950-952, 2016

Ripening-regulated susceptibility of tomato fruit to Botrytis cinerea requires NOR but not RIN or ethylene
D Cantu, B Blanco-Ulate, L Yang, JM Labavitch, AB Bennett, ALT Powell
Plant Physiology 150 (3), 1434-1449, 2009

Genome-wide transcriptional profiling of Botrytis cinerea genes targeting plant cell walls during infections of different hosts
B Blanco-Ulate, A Morales-Cruz, KCH Amrine, JM Labavitch, ALT Powell, ...
Frontiers in plant science 5, 435, 2014

Distinctive expansion of gene families associated with plant cell wall degradation, secondary metabolism, and nutrient uptake in the genomes of grapevine trunk pathogens
A Morales-Cruz, KCH Amrine, B Blanco-Ulate, DP Lawrence, R Travadon, ...
BMC genomics 16 (1), 1-22, 2015

Tomato transcriptome and mutant analyses suggest a role for plant stress hormones in the interaction between fruit and Botrytis cinerea
B Blanco-Ulate, E Vincenti, ALT Powell, D Cantu
Frontiers in plant science 4, 142, 2013