Dali Ghanem

Dali Ghanem

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Agricultural and Resource Economics


Ghanem, an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, specializes in statistical methods to analyze economic data. Ghanem completed her Ph.D. in economics at UC San Diego before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2013.

Research interests:

Economics, environment, air quality, energy, statistics, quantitative methods, analysis of longitudinal data to draw cause-and-effect relationships, statistical tools to estimate nonlinear panel data models

Brief overview:

Resource economists have greater access to large sets of data today because of advances in information technology. Data collected over time are known as “longitudinal” or “panel” data. My research centers on developing statistical methods to analyze longitudinal data as accurately as possible so that economists can better understand cause-and-effect relationships. Economists can use the quantitative methods I develop to evaluate the impact and relevance of various policies. For example, an economist could examine longitudinal data collected before and after a new crop subsidy is introduced in order to determine its effect on farmers.

In addition, I use statistics to analyze environmental issues. Recently, for example, we examined whether local governments in China manipulate their air quality data—a public concern at the international level.

Current projects:

  • Identifying causal effects from nonlinear panel data models
  • Manipulation of air pollution data by local governments in China