Edward Spang

Edward Spang

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Food Science and Technology


Spang is an assistant professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology and also serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Water-Energy Efficiency at UC Davis. His research explores opportunities to improve the efficiency of linked food, water, and energy systems. He completed his Ph.D. at the Fletcher School at Tufts University with a focus on International Environmental Policy before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2015.

Research interests:

Energy efficiency; water conservation; food waste; clean technology; systems analysis; sustainability; GIS

Brief overview:

Food, water, and energy systems do not operate in isolation; rather, they are dynamically integrated from the local to the global scale. Understanding these coupled relationships is essential to ensure the efficient and sustainable use of these critical natural resources. My research focuses on characterizing and optimizing the efficiency of these systems. I am particularly interested in applying methodologies for measuring and monitoring food, water, and energy and their interrelationships in high-resolution and across multiple scales, both geographic and temporal. I also seek to understand how external markets, technological innovation, and policies influence our use and management of these vital resources.

Current projects:

  • Measuring and monitoring the life-cycle water and energy benefits of reducing food waste and losses  
  • Mapping energy flows through water infrastructure to calculate the joint water-energy savings achieved through water conservation programs
  • Enhancing the conservation signal, stability, and fairness of water rates
  • Estimating worldwide water consumption for energy production