Gregory Pasternack

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Land, Air and Water Resources



Application of a 2D hydrodynamic model to design of reach‐scale spawning gravel replenishment on the Mokelumne River, California
GB Pasternack, CL Wang, JE Merz
River Research and Applications 20 (2), 205-225, 2004

Volcanic lake systematics I. Physical constraints
GB Pasternack, JC Varekamp
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Volcanic lake systematics II. Chemical constraints
JC Varekamp, GB Pasternack, GL Rowe Jr
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 97 (1-4), 161-179, 2000

Spawning habitat rehabilitation‐I. Conceptual approach and methods
JM Wheaton, GB Pasternack, JE Merz
International Journal of River Basin Management 2 (1), 3-20, 2004

Flow convergence routing hypothesis for pool‐riffle maintenance in alluvial rivers
ML MacWilliams Jr, JM Wheaton, GB Pasternack, RL Street, PK Kitanidis
Water Resources Research 42 (10), 2006