L. Allen Pettey

L. Allen Pettey

Position Title
Lecturer, PSOE

Animal Science


Pettey, a lecturer with potential security of employment (PSOE) in the Department of Animal Science, specializes in curriculum development and assessment in animal sciences, livestock management and evaluation, and applied animal nutrition. Pettey completed his Ph.D. in animal science at the University of Kentucky. He served on the faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly Pomona before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2015.

Research interests:

Undergraduate education, curriculum development, program assessment, livestock enterprise management, sheep production, swine nutrition, livestock evaluation

Brief overview:

My primary focus is providing energetic, interactive, and meaningful educational opportunities to undergraduate students in animal science. As director of Animal Science Curriculum and Assessment, I lead the department in developing and implementing pedagogically sound improvements to the courses taught within the department. I am also interested in advancing the use of technology in animal science courses, specifically laboratory courses, as well as improving the participation rate of students in large lecture and laboratory settings.

My expertise is in livestock management, and I have research experience in nutrient utilization in sheep and swine. With this background, I also aim to guide undergraduate research projects on topics such as: using dried food waste as a source of nutrition for livestock, mineral nutrition in grazing animal species, and improving growth in livestock through nutrient and energy supplementation.

Current projects:

  • Assessing student participation and student-animal interaction in large animal science laboratory courses
  • Using interactive technology in classroom settings to improve student participation and retention of concepts and information in animal science courses
  • Assessing growth performance and nutrient digestibility in swine diets with added prilled (microencapsulated) fat