Mutez A. Ahmed

Mutez Ahmed

Position Title
Assistant Professor

  • Land, Air and Water Resources


Mucilage exudation facilitates root water uptake in dry soils
MA Ahmed, E Kroener, M Holz, M Zarebanadkouki, A Carminati
Functional Plant Biology 41 (11), 1129-1137, 2014

Root hairs enable high transpiration rates in drying soils
A Carminati, JB Passioura, M Zarebanadkouki, MA Ahmed, PR Ryan, ...
New Phytologist 216 (3), 771-781, 2017

Root type matters: measurement of water uptake by seminal, crown, and lateral roots in maize
MA Ahmed, M Zarebanadkouki, F Meunier, M Javaux, A Kaestner, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany, 2018

Measurements of water uptake of maize roots: the key function of lateral roots
MA Ahmed, M Zarebanadkouki, A Kaestner, A Carminati
Plant and Soil, Volume 398, Issue 1, pp 59–77, 2016

Liquid bridges at the root-soil interface
A Carminati, P Benard, MA Ahmed, M Zarebanadkouki
Plant and Soil 417, 1-15, 2017