Samuel Sandoval Solis

Samuel Sandoval Soli

Position Title
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor

Land, Air and Water Resources


Water resources expert Sandoval Solis is an assistant professor and Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources. Sandoval Solis completed his Ph.D. in environmental and water resources at the University of Texas, Austin. He joined the UC Davis faculty in 2011.

Research and outreach interests:

Designing strategies to balance human and environmental needs of water resources through providing technical, practical, and science-based solutions to water resources challenges. Preparing students to face current and future water management challenges.

Brief overview:

My research group focuses on water planning and management.  We develop methods for finding strategies to better distribute water, ensuring adequate quality and the right timing.  We consider the scientific, social, environmental, and economic aspects of basins.  Our ultimate goal is to improve California’s water management through cooperation, shared vision, and science-based solutions.

Current projects:

  • Integrated water supply and flood control management in the Russian River
  • Irrigation efficiency for California
  • Potential water savings on the California central coast
  • Resilience for water systems
  • Hydrology and climate change 101