Sascha Nicklisch

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Environmental Toxicology



Mini-review: The role of redox in Dopa-mediated marine adhesion
SCT Nicklisch, JH Waite
Biofouling 28 (8), 865-877, 2012

Global marine pollutants inhibit P-glycoprotein: Environmental levels, inhibitory effects, and cocrystal structure
SCT Nicklisch, SD Rees, AP McGrath, T Gökirmak, LT Bonito, ...
Science advances 2 (4), e1600001, 2016

Substrate specificity and ion coupling in the Na+/betaine symporter BetP
C Perez, C Koshy, S Ressl, S Nicklisch, R Krämer, C Ziegler
The EMBO journal 30 (7), 1221-1229, 2011

Optimized DPPH assay in a detergent-based buffer system for measuring antioxidant activity of proteins
SCT Nicklisch, JH Waite
MethodsX 1, 233–238, 2014

Mercury levels of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) are associated with capture location
SCT Nicklisch, LT Bonito, S Sandin, A Hamdoun
Environmental Pollution 229, 87-93, 2017