Tina Jeoh

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering



Cellulase digestibility of pretreated biomass is limited by cellulose accessibility
T Jeoh, CI Ishizawa, MF Davis, ME Himmel, WS Adney, DK Johnson
Biotechnology and bioengineering 98 (1), 112-122, 2007

Implications of cellobiohydrolase glycosylation for use in biomass conversion
T Jeoh, W Michener, ME Himmel, SR Decker, WS Adney
Biotechnology for biofuels 1 (1), 1-13, 2008

Can delignification decrease cellulose digestibility in acid pretreated corn stover?
CI Ishizawa, T Jeoh, WS Adney, ME Himmel, DK Johnson, MF Davis
Cellulose 16 (4), 677-686, 2009

The effects of water interactions in cellulose suspensions on mass transfer and saccharification efficiency at high solids loadings
KM Roberts, DM Lavenson, EJ Tozzi, MJ McCarthy, T Jeoh
Cellulose 18 (3), 759-773, 2011

Cooperative and Competitive Binding in Synergistic Mixtures of Thermobifida fuscaCellulases Cel5A, Cel6B, and Cel9A
T Jeoh, DB Wilson, LP Walker
Biotechnology Progress 18 (4), 760-769, 2002