Truman Young

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

Plant Sciences



Restoration ecology and conservation biology
TP Young
Biological Conservation 92 (1), 73-83, 2000

The ecology of restoration: historical links, emerging issues and unexplored realms
TP Young, DA Petersen, JJ Clary
Ecology Letters 8 (6), 662-673, 2005

Principles for the conservation of wild living resources
M Mangel, LM Talbot, GK Meffe, MT Agardy, DL Alverson, J Barlow, ...
Ecological Applications 6 (2), 338-362, 1996

Community succession and assembly: comparing, contrasting and combining paradigms in the context of ecological restoration
TP Young, JM Chase, RT Huddleston
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Measuring association between individuals or groups in behavioural studies.
JR Ginsberg, TP Young
Animal Behaviour 44, 377-379, 1992