Vikram Koundinya

Vikram Koundinya

Position Title
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist

Human Ecology


Koundinya, an assistant specialist in Cooperative Extension for the Department of Human Ecology, specializes in program evaluation. Koundinya completed his Ph.D. in agricultural and extension education at Iowa State University. Prior to joining the UC Davis faculty in 2017, he did postdoctoral studies at the University of Connecticut and Iowa State University and served as an evaluation specialist at the University of Wisconsin–Extension.

Research interests:

Program evaluation, needs assessments and other extension educational processes, comprehensive mixed-methods evaluation designs

Brief overview:

Cooperative Extension helps deliver research knowledge from the University of California to communities and programs in California that impact agriculture, natural resources and human development. For example, Cooperative Extension supports various programs that provide opportunities for youth development, foster agricultural sustainability and encourage better nutrition and more physical activities for families and youths.

My work focuses on conducting research to determine how to evaluate these programs accurately and whether they are achieving the desired outcomes. I work with UC colleagues to help them build their evaluation capacity by offering workshops, one-on-one consulting and developing educational materials. For example, if a program seeks to improve family nutrition in a community, I help the staff outline what the desired outcomes are, then suggest the best methods to attain those outcomes and evaluate whether the goals have been reached.

By offering this type of support to extension programs, I hope to improve the effectiveness of Cooperative Extension outreach and education in California.