Undeclared, Exploratory Program

Explore academic options, personal interests, strengths, and career goals. This pre-major advising program assists students in defining and focusing their academic interests.

Who is in the Undeclared/Exploratory Program?

Students that want to learn more about themselves and explore a wide array of academic options are considered exploratory or undeclared. 

The term "exploratory/undeclared" describes a pre-major advising program designed to assist students with the process of discovering the wide variety of academic opportunities and programs available while, at the same time, helping define and focus academic interests.

The Exploratory/Undeclared Program provides a professionally guided exploration process of academic and personal transition and development. Advisors help with this exploration of options and identification of areas of interest while assuring successful academic progress toward the completion of a Baccalaureate degree. To begin this process, it is important to know what resources are available. 

Read more about being an undeclared major on the "What Can I Do With A Major" blog.

Tools and Resources

You can learn more about various resources to help you choose a major by attending an Exploratory/Undeclared workshop. More information about these workshops can be foudn on our Facebook page or by contacting the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences dean's office. 

As a freshmen in CA&ES, you may want to consider the Career Discovery Group (CDG) program designed to help undeclared students with major selection and career planning. In this program, you will work with experts in the Internship and Career Center (ICC) and graduate student mentors to explore an array of career paths. 

Should you be interested in a major within CA&ES, you can learn more about each of our majors here.

Declaring a major

As described in the UC Davis General Catalog, students must declare a major by the time they have completed 90 units. Failure to declare a major at this point may result in a hold on your registration, which will block you from registering for classes.  

In order to declare a major, you must meet with your intended major advisor to discuss degree requirements and submit the following forms through the OASIS website https://students.ucdavis.edu/forms/ 

  • Change of Major 
  • 3-Quarter Academic Plan (approved by your intended major advisor - please ensure you select the box for your intended major) 

To Make an Appointment 

We recommend you seek advising from your intended major advisor or the Dean's office if you need help with major exploration. 

Here are various ways to seek advising in our office: 

  • Stop by Room 150 Mrak. We have drop-in available every day from 9am-12pm and 1:30pm-4pm, except Wednesday mornings
  • Schedule an advising appointment online by selecting "College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences" 
  • Call us at 530-752-0108 if you need further assistance