Aggie Ambassadors Officers

Meet our 2023-2024 Officers

Image of Ali Arias

Ali Arias                                                                  Class Coordinator


Hi All! My name is Ali Arias (she/her/hers), and I am a Class Coordinator for Aggie Ambassadors this year. I'm a second-year International Agricultural Development Major, and I am originally from Julian, CA! I'm excited to meet and interact with our new and returning members this year. I am proud to represent UC Davis and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. In my free time, I like reading, cooking, thrifting, watching movies, and listening to music!


Image of Gabriella Johnson

Gabriella Johnson                                          Workshop & Outreach Events Coordinator 


Hello! I am Gabriella (she/her), a 4th year Animal Science major and Public Health Sciences minor from Antioch, CA (Bay Area), as well as a Workshop & Outreach Events Coordinator for Aggie Ambassadors this year! I have been part of Aggie Ambassadors as a member since my very first quarter here in fall 2020 and I really enjoyed all of the cleetings and opportunities that we were given to get involved. Over time, I have become more confident in my leadership and outreach skills and feel more connected with my surrounding community, and I truly deem this organization as one of the main reasons that I have been able to step out of my comfort zone, build these skills, and acquire new experiences. I want to be able to give back to the organization and help the rest of the members grow the way that I have! A little bit more about me is that I really like sports, music, dancing, crocheting, and lots more. I am also planning to go to veterinary school after I graduate to work with all kinds of animals, especially exotic pets and wildlife. A fun fact is that I have been doing cheer & dance since I was 5 years old! 


Image of Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly                                          Communication Coordinator 


My name is Megan Kelly (she/her) and I'm from San Carlos in the Bay Area! I'm majoring in Environmental Science Management and Sustainable Environmental Design with a minor in Environmental Horticulture. I'm one of the Communications Coordinators, and I wanted to become an officer to take a leadership role and instill some of my ideas into Aggie Ambassadors! Some of my hobbies include metalsmithing, scrapbooking and anything outdoors! A fun fact about me is that I work at a sleepaway camp during the summer!


Image of Melinda Poley

Melinda Poley                                                    Workshop & Outreach Events Coordinator 


Hello! I'm Melinda Poley (she/her) and I'm one of three Workshops and Outreach officers. I'm originally from Houston, TX and moved to California because it was a childhood dream of mine. I love it here! I am a first generation transfer student and fourth year Political Science - Public Service major. My career interests are environmental law, policy, planning and transportation. I had a lot of fun being an Aggie Ambassador and became an officer to pay it forward and keep the good times rolling! When I'm not spending time with Aggie Ambassadors or studying I like to play golf and watch women's basketball. I have a sweet cat named Ethel who reminds me to rest and take naps. I'm grateful to share this college experience with so many amazing people.


Image of Nikki Arias

Nikki Arias                                                            Workshop & Outreach Events Coordinator 


Hi! My name is Nikki Arias (she/her/ella), and I am one of the Workshop, Outreach, and Events Coordinators for Aggie Ambassadors. I am originally from Julian, CA, and I'm in my fourth year pursuing a degree in managerial economics. The College of Ag has become my home away from home, and any chance I get to promote the fantastic opportunities within it is one that I cherish. When not in my Aggie Ambassadors polo, I like spending time with friends and family, swimming, traveling, listening to Taylor Swift and Selena, or watching TV! I'm so excited to meet everyone and make some amazing memories!


Image of Samantha Blunt

Samantha Blunt                                                    Member Relations Coordinator 


Hi there! My name is Samantha Blunt (she/her/hers) and I'm a second year Animal Science major here at UC Davis. Originally from Fresno, CA, I was happy to move up north and get away from the central valley heat! I am one of the Member Relations Coordinators for Aggie Ambassadors. My job consists of planning socials, connecting with members, and recognizing them for their involvement in our organization! I wanted to become an officer because Aggie Ambassadors reminded me of Future Farmers of America (FFA), an organization that I also hold dear to my heart due to my involvement in high school. I pride myself on making impactful change on the lives of others, and as an I officer I hope to do just that. My hobbies consist of listening to music, journaling, and drawing. A fun fact about me is that I've seen the original Starry Night at the New York MoMA!


Image of Sera Robson

Sera Robson                                                          Member Relations Coordinator


Hi! My name is Sera Robson, I am a 4th year Human Development major from Sacramento. This year I am one of the Member Relations Coordinators. Three years ago I joined the officer team because I wanted to develop my leadership skills throughout my college experience. Each year I have held a different position which has taught me countless skills that I will use for the rest of my life. As an FFA alumni, I wanted a way to stay connected with the organization and continue to develop my leadership and professional skills in college. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, paint and do crafts, or nap with my cat. I am also a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, so I participate in philanthropy events for the Ronald McDonald House Charities!


Image of Wendy Cortes Sanchez

Wendy Cortes Sanchez                                      Class Coordinator 


Hello everyone! My name is Wendy Cortes Sanchez (she/her) and I’m one of the class coordinators!! I’m a fourth year managerial economics major with an accounting minor. I’m originally from Firebaugh California near Fresno. Aggie Ambassadors was my home away from home and helped me develop my leadership skills and wanted to be more involved with the organization. I challenged myself by becoming an officer because I wanted to make a change for members while being in a new leadership position. I strongly advocate for making everyone feel welcome and have a place to be themselves. Being in a big university is overwhelming, but having a close-knit community like Aggie Ambassadors can help you explore more about the college and the opportunities there are! I played tennis all four years of high school, who knows if I can still play lol. But I love spending time with my friends and visiting family when possible. I haven't had much time for hobbies, but I enjoy watching dating reality shows and watching Barbie movies. I like to go out and play basketball, go to amusement parks, or enjoy some Wingstop! I’m also a homebody and stay home to catch up on assignments and sleep.


Image of Yanni Olguin

Yanni Olguin                                                Communication Coordinator 


Hi Aggies! My name is Yanni Olguin (she/her/hers) and I’m one of the Communication Coordinators majoring in Human Development. I joined Aggie Ambassadors last spring and completely fell in love with all things AA. This organization has helped me become a better part of the community within UC Davis. Although it is my last year, I hope to inspire any incoming members with all the great opportunities Aggie Ambassadors provides. I’m also from Santa Ana, Ca which means I love Korean BBQ and everything spicy. One of my favorite hobbies is cooking, specifically Mexican food. Cooking the dishes my mom has made for me, reminds me of my biggest supporters back home.