asp updates

Updated Clock Extension Request Form Announcement

The Request for Clock Extension Only form has been updated to allow requests for a serious health condition, a significant circumstance or event, and COVID-19 reasons. The form is available on the Academic Worklife Program Requests page at the following link: Please submit all clock extension requests, including third year clock extensions, via the Academic Worklife Program.

Revised AP Search Waivers and Exemption Guidelines - September 2020

The UC Office of the President recently issued updated Guidelines for Search Waivers and Search Exemptions for Academic Appointees at the University of California. These guidelines reflect technical revisions to add a footnote to the Continuation of Training section, make minor language changes for clarification, and remove gendered language. These Guidelines continue to be available on the Academic Affairs webpage here.

Reminder: Qualifications in RECRUIT

A reminder about qualifications in RECRUIT.

  • Basic Qualifications: The minimum qualifications required to be considered for the position. These qualifications must be met at the time of application.
  • Additional Qualifications: These qualifications must be met by the start date of the position.
  • Preferred Qualifications: Other preferred, but not required qualifications for the position.

Academic Federation Update: APM UCD 220 AF and 5-year Reviews

APM UCD 220AF has been revised and posted to include the new RA Unit as well as deferral and five year review requirements of the represented and non-represented academic researchers.  Please note: Specialists in Cooperative Extension will now need to go under 5 year reviews if they have not been reviewed in the last five years by merit actions or five year reviews. The attributes chart has also been updated to reflect these changes and the Forms and Checklist site now includes 5 year review checklists for these titles.

Update: Retirements and Recalls Webpage

The Vice Provost's Office recently made changes to the “Retirements and Recalls” webpage on the Academic Affairs website. Links to the Retirement Benefits section were updated and the various topics were reordered on the page. There are now section header links provided at the top of the page that will take you to that section of the page. We hope the changes will be helpful when you navigate this page.