Faculty on Board

Dean Helene Dillard at Hilmar Cheese Company
Dean Helene Dillard at Hilmar Cheese Company

CA&ES faculty take a whistle-stop tour to give new faculty members a sampling of what our region has to offer.

CA&ES and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources organized a two-day bus tour in September before fall classes began. Seasoned faculty members and UCCE county advisors acted as tour guides. Stakeholder visits gave our newest faculty — who are recruited from throughout the world — a view of some of the opportunities for research partnerships here in California.

“I was exposed to the scale of industry that California agriculture allows – previously I had not appreciated a bigger-than-single-farm view of agriculture here. It was also a constructive opportunity to meet and chat with other young or new academics.”

—Matthew Gilbert

Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Sciences

“I found it to be particularly useful to meet new specialists and advisors whom I had not had the chance to interact with yet. The local and regional contacts these folks have are essential for my ability to connect with growers, ranchers, agency personnel, and other members of the general public.”

—Roger Baldwin

Assistant UC Cooperative Extension specialist, Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology

“The trip provided me with a deeper understanding of the needs of our community, the research on campus, and the way in which UC Davis is addressing today’s problems. I was 
fascinated by every single stop and visit. I felt like a kid again, going on a school field trip and taking time from the daily grind to learn something completely new in an engaging, hands-on way.”
—Leah Hibel

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Ecology